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I’m passionate about health, vitality, and making a difference in people’s lives. That’s why for more than 20 years I have created nutritional supplements that improve the quality of life.

Although all our supplements are created in the USA under rigorous GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality control standards in FDA inspected facilities, that is not enough for my standards of excellence. They need to be formulated with enough of the right ingredients to actually make a difference.

Simply stated, better supplements produce better results. I create supplements for me and my nutritional family to physically thrive. Needless to say I practice what I preach ;)

Welcome to our nutritional family!

Yours in good health,

Stephan Karian

Founder, Great American Products

Bill Easterling

Before taking Master Prostate I was getting up at night and I would bother my wife and she would wake up. That’s...

Mark Murphy

I would go to the men’s room before the movie started, and about half way through the movie and once it was...

Aris Sherwood

Before taking the Master Prostate Formula I was up several times during the night to visit the restroom.   I noticed a difference...

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