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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Reuters Health: Hormone Therapy, Calcium May Lower Fracture Risk

    Hormone therapy, when combined with both calcium and vitamin D tablets in women after menopause, may lower the risk of hip fractures. Reuters Health recently reported on a study completed that showed the benefits of calcium and vitamin D tablets and supplements. According to Reuters Health, "We always tell women to take calcium and vitamin D," said Dr. Michele Curtis, a women's health researcher from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. "At the end of the day what this study really says is, what you thought was a good thing to do really is a good thing to do."  Continue reading

  • Health Tips and a Body Detoxification System

    Digestion issues and stomach problems creep up on almost everyone, but there are ways to stave off such issues. Body detoxification system options are designed to help encourage better overall digestion. Some of these products are quite intense, many even requiring up to four steps to properly complete. The truth is, the only way to ensure a healthy system is to maintain a quality diet that includes some specific elements. Supplements and systems can help, but healthy eating is absolutely essential.  Continue reading

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