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Dietary Supplements and Multivitamins Consumers More Likely to Have Healthy Habits

Healthy lifestyle choices like taking dietary supplements and multivitamins is one thing, but consistent exercise and food choices is entirely another. It turns out, however, that those who take such supplements are much more likely to develop other healthy habits such as proper dietary routines and exercise. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, supplement takers have more healthy habits across the board.

Dietary Supplements and Healthy Habits

Dietary Supplement and Healthy HabitsHealthy habits in the study included regular exercise, balanced diet, doctor visits, and even regular and consistent sleep. These habits might just be a coincidence, with healthier individuals focusing on health and thus purchasing more supplements, but routine is also a major influence on health. Those who take the time to develop a multivitamin regimen are likely to think more about health in turn.

Supplements like Green Supreme Multi are designed to pack in a variety of powerful, natural ingredients to encourage better overall health. Fruits, vegetables, minerals, and herbs are all included in such health supplements. To maximize the usefulness of such dietary supplements, healthy habits like regular exercise and sleep is needed.

Most Agree on Multivitamins

Over three fourths of adults questioned in the Council for Responsible Nutrition survey said that taking supplements was an intelligent choice for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, 53 percent of those who took supplements said that they did so in order to achieve greater, overall health. Among these supplement users, approximately 76 percent said they took a general multivitamin rather than health-specific dietary supplements.

Dietary needs are very seldom met by a traditional diet. Getting nutrients from actual food is always a better alternative, but few, if any, are able to pay the price and take the time to eat all the recommended amounts of food. Aiding and supplementing such a diet is essential, and those who do tend to develop healthier habits in turn. Consistently, those who take supplements are more likely to create and follow healthy routines.

Whatever the cause, few disagree that multivitamins are a great way to establish a healthier lifestyle. Products that offer vitamins and mineral from natural sources encourage and promote overall health. The trend towards taking multivitamins is a growing one.


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