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Growth Hormone Therapy: Options with Colostrum

Growth hormone therapy can only be achieved through the services of a medical profession. Other products that are designed to encourage overall health can, however, be found through proper research. High quality products that encourage overall health often contain an ingredient called Colostrum that provides serious growth factors through a completely natural solution.

Growth Hormone Therapy Vs. Other Options

Growth Hormone TherapyGrowth hormone therapy is a serious medical practice that is to be embarked upon only after being advised by a medical professional. Abuse of growth hormone can be incredibly damaging to the body. Many who actually take human growth hormones end up experiencing the negative aspects of the treatment. There are, however, other options for people who understand the risks of such therapy and choose to take a different route.

Health supplements that contain elements that have a high level of growth factors are quality options that are easy to take. Such supplements often contain colostrum, a natural ingredient that is packed with regulating and protective factors that are vital in encouraging overall health and vitality. There are many types of colostrum, so it is essential for those interested in health supplements that contain this component to understand the different types of colostrum available on the market.

High Quality Colostrum

There really is a difference between types of colostrum available on the market. Higher quality colostrum is usually a more expensive ingredient that can be found in some of the more effective health supplements on the market. Determining the quality of colostrum can be incredibly difficult to the uneducated, but the information below should provide a glimpse into what all is available.

Colostrum is usually collected from a bovine source prior or immediately after the birth of a new calf. This colostrum can vary in quality depending on when it is extracted as well as how it is utilized. Much of the highest quality colostrum is actually gained before a calf is even born in order to utilize as much of the nutrients as possible. Below is a quick explanation of why colostrum is so nutrient rich, but even more information can be found at

Within six hours of birth, about 80% of the albumin fraction is bioactive components that are actually created in the circulatory system and the bone marrow. By the second milking, which is usually taken anywhere from 12 to 24 hours later, only about 50% is usually considered bioactive. Once more time has passed, the majority of the milk turns into protein which, although nutrient rich, does not contain all the bio actives of colostrum. Once the conversion to actual milk is completed, less that one percent of the bio actives in colostrum exist.

The quality of the colostrum really can affect the overall usefulness of the products created with it, many of which are options people choose in lieu of growth hormone therapy. The higher levels of bio actives in colostrum are not debatable, and many choose products that contain the rich material.


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