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Maintaining Cardiovascular Health Throughout Life with CoQ10

Maintaining cardiovascular health throughout life requires proper diet and exercise. Sometimes, however, proper diet and exercise isn't enough. Heart health is something that every individual should be concerned with throughout their life. As you age, certain health supplements are able to increase the levels of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. 

CoQ10 and Cardiovascular Health

Heart Health and CoQ10

According to a study presented at the Heart Failure 2013 conference in Lisbon, Portugal, diets that integrate CoQ10 are capable of cutting mortality rates in half when it comes to patients that have either severe or moderate heart failure. This study utilized a double blind, placebo controlled experiment that showcased some serious results. With only 14% of the group studied experiencing a MACE (or major adverse cardiovascular event) as compared to 25% of those who didn't take CoQ10, the study showed some serious upside for the supplement.

Such studies are continually updated and retested. There is no doubt that the study conducted will be retried with larger sample groups. With such a high upside to a supplement, it is no wonder that so many with heart issues are turning to CoQ10 supplements. Not all forms of CoW10, however, are equal in their power to foster better overall cardiovascular health.

Types of CoQ10 Supplements

There has recently been an explosion in types of CoQ10 supplement options hitting the market. From large crystal powder format to convenient pill form, there are many options that meet the unique needs of all types of individuals. One of the more popular options is a form of crystal-free CoQ10 that is designed to easily absorb into the body.

Master CoQ10 is actually one of the supplements that is designed with crystal-free CoQ10 as its main focus. In a double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical study, crystal-free CoQ10 delivered a 7.89% absorption rate as compared to a 0.87% absorption rate for standard dry CoQ10 powder. The differences in absorption rate is, needless to say, quite impressive.

There are a variety of cardiovascular supplements on the market today, but few of them rival the effectiveness of CoQ10. All natural options that capitalize on the ability for individuals to absorb the element are incredibly popular. The future of CoQ10 cardiovascular health supplements looks bright.


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