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Science World Report Says "Nutritional Supplements May Help Prevent Hospital Readmission"

Science World Report, a trusted source for science and health news, recently wrote a nutritional supplements focused article revealing yet another benefit of health supplements. The article, “Nutritional Supplements May Help Prevent Hospital Readmission”, reveals a new study that describes how effective nutritional supplements might be for former hospital patients. This particular study was quite vast, with more than 1 million adult inpatient cases from the US.

hospitalThe study showed that 21 percent of patients who took an oral nutritional supplement were more likely to reduce their stay. Even more importantly, the more than 1 million adult cases analyzed revealed a 6.7 percent reduction in 30-day readmission to the hospital among those who regularly took nutritional supplements. This study will soon be presented to the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) annual congress in Leipzig, Germany.

The implications of this nutritional supplement study reach into health, finance, and the overall national economy.

For more information on this study, check out the Science World Report article “Nutritional Supplements May Help Prevent Hospital Readmission”.


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